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Re: About MOTs..

Original poster: "Christoph Bohr" <cb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Adam

This will not work, as the primary is designed to work
at 120V, maybe you can get away with 10 or 20 Volts more,
but that's it. The core of the second  xformer will saturate
very quickly, draw insane currents and do nothing usefull anymore.
I guess if it was all that easy, everyone would to it... ;-)
So your question regarding the current limiting has no meaning anymore,
but however: In your wrong setup, your small "primary" MOT will
limit the desaster somewhat....
Sorry, but it just won't work.


Christoph Bohr

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Subject: About MOTs..

> Original poster: "Mercurus2000" <mercurus2000@xxxxxxx>
> This question has probably been asked before, I want to connect the high
> voltage output of a small like 600 watt MOT I have to the 120 side of a
> really large MOT like 1000w to get about 20-30KV out, I'll vacuum pot the
> MOTs in oil and cut the center ground on the large MOT to prevent arcing,
> does anyone see a problem with this? Will I have to use some sort of
> current limiting even tho I'm using a little 600 watt MOT for the primary
> transformer?
> Adam