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Re: About MOTs..

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I tried that once and the 2nd transformer lasted about 3 seconds before it actually arced under the oil and shorted out. The first mot limits the current for the rest of the stack but can't take 30 kv for very long, just not enough space between the windings and the core and not enough insulation between layers in the secondary. For 30 kV just scan ebay for a couple PT's of the same va rating and connect em in series with the center grounded (like an nst), though not dirt cheap ($200 if you get a good deal).

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Subject: About MOTs..

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This question has probably been asked before, I want to connect the high voltage output of a small like 600 watt MOT I have to the 120 side of a really large MOT like 1000w to get about 20-30KV out, I'll vacuum pot the MOTs in oil and cut the center ground on the large MOT to prevent arcing, does anyone see a problem with this? Will I have to use some sort of current limiting even tho I'm using a little 600 watt MOT for the primary transformer?