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Re: About MOTs..

Original poster: Steve Ward <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>


You are exceeting the V/turn (frequency dependent) of the core.

Sorry, but it doesnt work that way.

Steve W

On Apr 7, 2005 6:29 PM, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Original poster: "Mercurus2000" <mercurus2000@xxxxxxx>
> This question has probably been asked before, I want to connect the high
> voltage output of a small like 600 watt MOT I have to the 120 side of a
> really large MOT like 1000w to get about 20-30KV out, I'll vacuum pot the
> MOTs in oil and cut the center ground on the large MOT to prevent arcing,
> does anyone see a problem with this? Will I have to use some sort of
> current limiting even tho I'm using a little 600 watt MOT for the primary
> transformer?
> Adam