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Re: ExpressPCB help

Original poster: Phil Rembold <prembold@xxxxxxxxx>


I'm far from an expert, however Terry has recently taught me many Express PCB shortcuts, I'd be happy to give your file the "eyeball" to catch any errors you may have missed.


On 4/19/05, Tesla list <<mailto:tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: Original poster: <mailto:Fucian@xxxxxxx>Fucian@xxxxxxx

hello all,
I decided to design a pcb for a simple drsstc driver. It is the typical
74ls14 based driver with two pairs of UCC driver chips.

This is my first time using EXpresspcb, and just deicded to do the pcb file
rather than the schematic. It all fits on the miniboard they sell for 51$
and is a 2 layer design.

Could someone examine it for me to check for any problems?If so, I will
email you the express pcb file.

Thanks big time guys!