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Re: Expensive hobby

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Thanks. I didn't even think about the motors for rotary spark gaps. I
know how I let that slip by me. He has a bunch of older washing machines
and I feel sure that there will be some really nice motors in some of
Unfortunately, from personal experience, I know that failed motors are
most common failure of washing machines. Dang!!! I'm sure I'll find at
least one good one. One problem with the washing machines is they aren't
easy to pick up and bring home to disassemble. At least my lovely bride
says I can use her pickup truck. That certainly helps.
Think Positive

PS Excuse me. I know what doubler power supplies are but I'm not
with "level shifted" power supplies. Will you please enlighten me?

	A lot of failed motors have bearing problems and can be resurrected (at
least for intermittent duty) with penetrating oil and further
lubrication.  When you sent your first note I couldn't help wondering
what you were going to do with the skeletons of all of your goodies
after you picked the bones clean, and washing machines are an order of
magnitude more massive!

	As for "level shifters", that's another name for capacity-coupled
voltage multipliers.  I have never figured where the name came from.