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Re: Expensive hobby

Original poster: "Paul B. Brodie" <pbbrodie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Yep, it's an Amana all right. I wish I had schematics for these microwave ovens. I'm having a lot of trouble identifying the things that aren't obvious like caps, transformers, diodes, magnetrons, and fans. I have found a lot of relays but all the ones I have seen so far are marked 24V. There are a lot of small round metal objects with two leads attached. They appear to be sensors of some kind. Do you know what these might be? I have one MW that was mounted over a stove and it has a nice AC motor that drives the exhaust fan. This is the biggest oven I got but it has the tiniest transformer!
Think Positive

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> Hi, glad to hear it, nice to have a little gold mine, yea i bet they frown
> on blind hunting license too...the japanese screws are usually self tapping
> come in real handy too. some of the older microwaves have nice high voltage
> relays and other neat stuff. also triac's mounted on a good heatsink. I bet
> that big uwave oven was commercial probably Amana, enough power to heat
> 40 hamburgers at once. cul brian f.
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> >
> > Everybody who responded to my post,
> >
> > Well, thanks a million to all of you for all of your advice both serious
> > and not so serious!!! I can't drive, the government frowns on blind people
> > trying to drive for some reason, so my 27 year old son came over and took
> > me around to a couple of appliance repair places. One owner was very
> > friendly and curious about what I planned to do with old microwaves. I
> told
> > him about Tesla coils and some other esoteric HV stuff and he got really
> > interested and said he would like to help however he can. How about
> that??!!
> >
> > He went in the back and came out with these 2 honker MOT's that he said he
> > took out of the biggest, most powerful, commercial microwave he has ever
> > seen or heard of. He said they were both in the same microwave and that it
> > was rated at 2500 watts! He then took us out back and showed us 9
> > microwaves that he said we could have. He also said that if I want to
> > scrounge parts out of old TV's, washing machines, refrigerators, stoves,
> > dryers, or whatever, just let him know. The first microwave I opened has a
> > 4000 V transformer and is rated 1500 watts. They all have the HV AC caps,
> > of course and Peter Terren tells me that I will find all kind of HV
> goodies
> > in the newer microwaves, like HV rectifier bridges and such.
> >
> > So, now that I have found this goldmine, do you guys have any suggestions
> > about things I can scrounge besides microwaves? I was looking at a barrel
> > he had full of stove top and oven elements that appeared to be OK. I
> > couldn't find any burned out spots or anything that indicated they were
> > non-functional. I was thinking that these would make some incredibly
> robust
> > low ohm resistors for current limiting maybe or something similar??
> >
> > I am just absolutely sure that you guys have a mother load of advice for
> me
> > about this. Please???!!! I really do feel like I hit the proverbial
> > jackpot. He says for me to check with him once a week and I can come by
> and
> > pick through whatever he has gotten in that people have decided not to
> pick
> > up for whatever reason. He wouldn't even accept any compensation.
> >
> > I am not a greedy person, at all. I am more than willing to share my good
> > fortune with those of you who don't have access to anything like this. If
> > anyone needs anything that they think I might be able to get for them,
> drop
> > me an email and I'll do my best to help you out, within reason.
> > Best regards.
> > Paul
> > Think Positive (it worked for me!)
> >
> > The other shop, though not as friendly, said that I could come back and
> get
> > some of their defunct equipment as well. They said that they were just too
> > busy to help me out right then. So, I may have access to even more stuff.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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