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Re: Tesla UV apparatus?

Original poster: John Keith <jskeith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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> Original poster: "Harold Weiss" <hweiss@xxxxxxxxxx> > > Hi Dave, > > Back during Cheesehead I, one person had a soil cooker that could make home > made fulgarites. I think the spec was around 20A @ 20 KV output into a > flower pot of wet sand. Electrodes were carbon arc electrodes for a super > trooper followspot. I think Terry Blake might still have pictures up on > his website. > > David E Weiss

Hi David,

   I'm the guy with the "soil cooker" as you called it ( I call it "The
Earthmelter"!). Its maximum voltage is actually about 2000V, but voltage
under load is generally between 400 and 1000V, at a current of 5-10A. My
next project will be a larger version ( 240V 150A 3-phase), and I have been
greatly inspired by all the recent work on SSTC's that I have read on this
   As to the original post, I gather that it referred to using the UV light
to examine minerals, some of which fluoresce under UV.

John Keith

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