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Re: Tesla UV apparatus?

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"Hi Dave,

Back during Cheesehead I, one person had a soil cooker that could make
made fulgarites.  I think the spec was around 20A @ 20 KV output into a
flower pot of wet sand.  Electrodes were carbon arc electrodes for a
trooper followspot.  I think Terry Blake might still have pictures up on
his website.

David E Weiss "

	There is a natural example of something similar in the driveway of a
house just south of me.  A whole bunch of black and fused grooves in the
concrete, in the familiar "branching tree" form of an HV discharge,
apparently caused many years before we moved here when a tree limb
contacted the 2200 V transmission line and melted a conductor, which
fell onto the driveway and, according to eye witnesses, "danced around
emitting sparks and humming" until someone or something opened the line.