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Re: Would this work? (air gap in ballast core)

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"I guess my main question is this:  Does it matter if I
have a complete gap in all the laminations?  I'm
guessing not.  I have a mill at my disposal which
should make repeatedly drilling tight, consistent
lines of holes pretty easy.  I'm hoping this will make
zeroing in on the proper inductance easy.  If nobody's
tried something like this, guess I'll be the first! :)


	Layers without a gap will probably saturate and get hot.  As for
drilling the hole, I see a couple of problems.  First, that stuff is
thin and very hard and I'm not sure you can drill it without making a
real mess.  Second is related to the first comment, in the places where
there are no holes the steel will probably saturate.  My first opinion
is that it's not a good idea, but maybe some experts will have a
different opinion.