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Re: Coiling myths

Original poster: BunnyKiller <bunikllr@xxxxxxx>

I have to agree with Bert on this one...

seems that humans are only capable of feeling a maximum of 100Hz vibrationally we altho feel 300nM to 400nM ( light waves lower end) as heat .. in the middle range, we use hearing from 20 to 20 Khz.. there is a gap that begins at 400nM to 900nM for sight... there are some major gaps in our perception abilities..... just because we cant feel it doesnt mean it isnt happening.... we cant "hear" below 20 Hz ( we feel it) or above 22KHz on average but that doesnt mean the sound isnt there ( dogs can hear 40 KHz) .. we cant see ultra violet or Infra-red but it doesnt mean its not there... look into an 1064nM laser and see how fast your eye sight will be destroyed... if you are exposed to 50Khz+ its there, but we arent "designed" to pick it up
but the damaged is still going on.... skin effect ONLY applies to wire ( metallic objects) (( we arent metallic)) nerves blood vessels etc are more conductive than "our" skin.... RF burns are real and hard to detect and even harder to heal... nature ( evolution) supplied us with resourceses to detect the most common "natural" outside effects to keep us alive... if we had a need to detect the effects of other wavelengths that effects to keep us alive .. we would have developed those perceptions.... but we didnt because T-Coil confritations ( spelling??) were not common in the past million years, we didnt develope a sence of detection for it... so why do we try to pass off the "passivity" of contacting T-Coiling as non harmful? DONT TOUCH !!

I have seen what the contact of the streamers have done to a 65 year old oak tree... yea the tree didnt feel it but it sure did kill the WHOLE branch....
maybe touching arcs isnt that kewl..

just a thought...

Scot D

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: Bert Hickman <bert.hickman@xxxxxxxxxx>

Here's another:

* Myth: You don't feel big shocks from Tesla Coils because of "skin effect" - the current is flowing on top of your skin instead of through your body.

Reality: At typical Tesla Coil frequencies, skin effect is meaningful only for good electrical conductors (metals). As a result, most RF current will still flow though your nerves and circulatory system. However, because your nerves are less sensitive to higher frequency currents, you won't feel potentially dangerous levels of RF current.