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Re: Tesla UV apparatus?

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"Ed, I did take one of my wife's emery boards to the points (contacts)
like I
used to do on the distributor on my old Beetle.  That didn't help.  The
cord was badly frayed so I cut it off.  I then made a probe from a
lamp cord with 8 penny nails fastened to the wires and inserted into BIC
with the ink tubes removed.  I took a duplex outlet, broke the
on the
hot side, and wired the two sides in series with a cord.  I plugged a
light into one side of the outlet and the probe into the other side.
That way
I could tell if the circuit had continuity as well as protecting from a
short blowing fuses.  I was able to discern that there were no open
circuits in
the windings, but I was not able to make the vibrator buzz.

Dr. Resonance offered a plan for testing the capacitors and I need to

Thanks and best wishes to you all.
Have a great weekend

	I'll bet tracing out the schematic would give you a clue; it's not much
more than a buzzer.  If the contacts are closed and there's current
through the primary circuit I can't see how it could fail to buzz,
assuming the contact spacing was OK and the vibrating reed wasn't
touching the face of the core.  It would buzz even if the capacitor was
bad (I assume it's across the points as usual) and if it were shorted
the reed should be attracted to the core as soon as you applied power.