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Re: oil for transformers

Original poster: Paul Friedman <paul.a.friedman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi, this time I am not going to resist a comment, just signed up after an
eight year hiatus. As a retired hazmat inspector and having made caps
a while ago for Astron Corp (bad), I know that modern caps (past 5 years)
have oil from soy beans and it is treated Potassium. I am not aware of the
process. I see many of the regulars are still at it. In a months after checking
the arcives, I will have some questions, gee whiz, lots of changed. One
question , what happened to the young man who was going school in one
of scandianavin countrys with a major Tesla Technolgies. Tks Terry for your
work on list.

                                                Take care  Paul F 005

Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: "Steven Steele"

The word is affect, but it's not really electromagnetic radiation that is
the main potential problem, I don't think. If that was the problem, the oil
would simply decompose with exposure to light(or does it? probably not
much, considering the fact that you buy it in clear containers.). The main
issue here is electrolysis( however it's spelled). That is what would
affect the molecular bonds of the vegetable oil. But then again, I just
realized, the electricity isn't really going through the oil, unless the
oil is grounded, of course. another issue would be the heat.
Nobody really cares about these specifics anyway, though. I'm just
thinking out loud here, or rather, thinking and typing, although typing
does make a little bit of noise. LOL.

Steven Steele
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>Original poster: BunnyKiller > >ummm... not to be harsh but if you want to change out the oil after >each time you run it I suppose its ok... I would use an oil that is not >prone to a "bio-degradeable" reaction... remember.. you are dealing >with an enviroment that produces electromagnetic "radiation" that will >affect ( effect?) the hydro-carbon fatty acid molecular bonds (( which are >weak in Veggie oil)) as compared to say petrolium based oils ( motor oils >trannie oils mineral oil ) > >SD > > > >Tesla list wrote: > >>Original poster: "Paul Marshall" >> >>I wouldn't use motor oil. If it is just an MOT the vegetable oil should >>w ork fine. >> >> >> >>Paul S. Marshall > > > >