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Re: Project Tesla, was Streamer colour

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I have heard many accounts and spoken to people that actually saw the
machine working and everyone was super impressed!!!




There's an article in TCBA news volume 9, #1 by Toby Grotz who
was once the president of the ITS.  He said that although the
coil worked well in Utah, the coil never performed
very well in its final location in Colorado.  It was thought to be
tuned incorrectly and/or overloaded.  They tried a variety of
power tranformers and combinations of power transformers, but
never obtained a good working arrangement.  A couple of the
transformers eventually burned out, and they then stripped down a
transformer to use as a choke.  The large transformers weighed
5600 Lbs each.

The article states that the rotary break-wheel was made of
aluminum, and was driven at 7110 rpm by a 40HP motor
turning at 3555rpm using an insulated belt.  The quench gap
used tungsten electrodes separated from a metal base plate
by 0.125" to 0.500" and was housed in a chamber filled
with SF6 pressured to 20 to 60 PSI.  The chamber could also
be filled with air to give a range of mixtures.  He said the coil bang-
size was theoretically 351 joules.

Toby mentioned that the Utah setup used high impedance
transformers whereas the Colorado work used power transformers.
I'm speculating that maybe they weren't limiting the current
properly in Colorado and perhaps they obtained continual power arcing.
Who knows?  He said the coil was built mainly to try to resonate the
Schumann cavity.

In any case I think I heard elsewhere that the creditors eventually
took everything and that nothing much was left after that.