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Re: Streamer colour

Original poster: Terry Fritz <teslalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Mike,

If it was a SF6 style gap thing, it was well described in the TCBA news... Since I forgot which issue, maybe the secret is still safe ;-))

Sounds like some others already pretty much new all about it... Of course, if Bob made little tweeks or anything "special" to get it to work (especially at those super power levels), those secrets are still safe ;-))

I forget what SF6 breaks down as (I "should" know that!)... SF4 is probably one of the deadliest gasses known! But the bottom line is don't go playing with these things unless you know what you are doing!!! Of course, practically all the equipment in Bob's big coil could be very dangerous!! Just falling off the giant thing could be fatal!!

Fortunately, I don't think most of us are going to run out and wind a coil of that magnitude up tonight ;-))

Good warning about SF6. It used to be very expensive and hard to get hold of. But that is not so true these days... Not something one should go messing with!!

I was surprised that the coil seems to have been run over many years from 74 to 82 (?)!! I always thought it was just a one or two week experiment. Most of the data seems to have been early on, but the later stuff was probably secret. I thought I heard once that it was eventually moved to some small mountain town in Colorado. Can you give any details about what eventually became of the machine?

I have heard many accounts and spoken to people that actually saw the machine working and everyone was super impressed!!!



At 10:25 AM 4/1/2005, you wrote:
HI Phil,
              I am replying from work. He had a very fast quench there which
he developed but he will not release it. I know what it is but have to
respect his wishes; That was conditional to my posting the other info.
It is very dangerous not contained and even post contained, once arcs have
happened through the contents it becomes poison. I guess he did not want a
liability problem.
I know this is not in keeping with the sharing concept of the list but I am
told one whiff and it can put a person down. Much worse than ammonia.
Sorry that I have to say this but I have no choice.

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> Original poster: FIFTYGUY@xxxxxxx > > In a message dated 3/28/05 2:14:04 PM Eastern Standard Time, > tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes: > The data at: > > http://www.hot-streamer.com/mike2004/Wendover_Coil_Print_And_Spec.jpg > > Is the first "real" data I have seen about Bob Golka's coil!! > > Has the "secret" quench gap indicated on the Golka's spec sheet become > "declassified" yet? > And if I read Richard Hull's "Guide to the CSN" correctly, there's > little information on the gap that Tesla used at Colorado Springs? > > -Phil LaBudde > > >