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Re: Streamer colour

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HI Phil,
              I am replying from work. He had a very fast quench there which
he developed but he will not release it. I know what it is but have to
respect his wishes; That was conditional to my posting the other info.
It is very dangerous not contained and even post contained, once arcs have
happened through the contents it becomes poison. I guess he did not want a
liability problem.
I know this is not in keeping with the sharing concept of the list but I am
told one whiff and it can put a person down. Much worse than ammonia.
Sorry that I have to say this but I have no choice.

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> Original poster: FIFTYGUY@xxxxxxx > > In a message dated 3/28/05 2:14:04 PM Eastern Standard Time, > tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes: > The data at: > > http://www.hot-streamer.com/mike2004/Wendover_Coil_Print_And_Spec.jpg > > Is the first "real" data I have seen about Bob Golka's coil!! > > Has the "secret" quench gap indicated on the Golka's spec sheet become > "declassified" yet? > And if I read Richard Hull's "Guide to the CSN" correctly, there's > little information on the gap that Tesla used at Colorado Springs? > > -Phil LaBudde > > >