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Original poster: "Steve Conner" <steve.conner@xxxxxxxxxxx>


I posted to this debate earlier but my message either got lost or canned by
Terry. In case it got lost, I'll restate my point, and in case it got
canned, I'll restate it a bit more nicely ;-) {I don't think I ever got it - terry]

I understand how Paul Nicholson's Tesla secondary modelling program works
and I use it all the time (in the form of FANTC). I trust it enough to
design coils with single turn primaries that have practically no provision
for tuning. So far it has worked every time.

I gave an example using one of my coils. GEOTC/FANTC predicted 66kHz with
topload, I measured 63kHz with topload, and the 1/4 wave formula predicted
55kHz with no topload. So if this coil had been designed with the 1/4 wave
thing it would have been a failure. But thanks to the modelling software it
worked first time.

The Medhurst/Wheeler approach would maybe have worked for the secondary but
it really took something like FANTC or INCA to calculate inductance and
resonant frequency of the single turn primary. According to the 1/4 wave
formula, the primary would have resonated at 70MHz, but luckily the 14uf of
"topload" kind of lowered that a little :)

Steve Conner