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Re: Kaluza and Klein

Original poster: Paul Nicholson <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

Stork quoted:

: "In 1919,  Theodor Kaluza  unified Maxwell's Electromagnetism
:  and Einstein's Theory of General Relativity & Gravity by adding
: a fifth dimension."

and then wrote
> Yes, they unified Maxwell's EM and Einstein's GR in the 5th
> dimension. This despite Paul's assertion they only exist side
> by side.

You'll have to do better than quote from a pseudoscience site that
thinks comets are made of antimatter!!   Have you studied K-K
theory?  K-K theory failed in the end, for various reasons, but the
basic idea lives on in other more modern theories. And what has all
this got to do with Tesla coils?

> QED or Quantum Electrodynamics is just that and it is at the
> basis of all electrodynamics.  It is exquisitely theoretically
> and experimentally precise, far more so than all previous
>  theories.

Hey - a statement I can agree with!

> Anyway, I'm not here to defend Jared's novel coil or his theory.
> That's for Jared to do.


> I do defend his right to express himself without being
> subjected to arrogant ridicule.

You mean like freedom of religion?  The coil resonates at whatever
frequency you believe it to and nobody should say otherwise?  On the
contrary, we must allow the natural selection of ideas - the wrong
ideas must not propagate as fast as the right, otherwise scientific
(meaning - reliable) knowledge just evaporates.

And I think we've tried to avoid arrogant ridicule.  Jared is wrong,
and we have said so and why.  He hasn't responded in any meaningful
way.  He hasn't revised either his theory or his arguments defending
it.  He just keeps repeating the same assertions and all we can do
is try to prevent him misleading anyone.   What could we have done

> For an easy introductory read regarding QED see Feynman's "QED".

and also 'The Pleasure of Finding Things Out' which is relevant.

Steven Steele wrote:

> What's the Theory of Relativity got to do with a tesla coil?

Nothing relevant.  Relativity and quantum mechanics are often
invoked by a cornered crank desperate for an escape clause, so these
subjects appear quite often on Tesla lists!
Paul Nicholson
Manchester, UK.