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Vac U Forming?

Original poster: Gregory Hunter <ghunter31014-at-yahoo-dot-com> 

Has anyone on the list ever attempted to vac u form a
small toroid? I have the ability to cast small toroid
halves of plaster of paris. They come out smooth and
perfect, but they are also heavy and quite fragile. I
was thinking of using a plaster toriod half as a male
vac u form object. Once I join the two plastic vac u
form model halves together, I could sand down the glue
joint and wrap with aluminum tape. I welcome any tips
or hints on hobby vac u forming. For example, what is
the best kind of plastic for this purpose? Can I use a
small heat lamp to soften the plastic from above, or
must I use an "oven"?

Gregory R. Hunter