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Re: Air core flybacks, small flybacks and self resonance........

Original poster: robert heidlebaugh <rheidlebaugh-at-desertgate-dot-com> 

adam: If you remove the core from a fly-back you change the resonant
frequency of the coil, The core is part of the resonant circuit.. Most
flybacks are designed to resonate around 18 Khz to produce maximum voltage
some more or less if intended for other than TV use. The frequency of a
transistor amplifier added to the flyback is determined by the frequency
determining circuit you add to the assembly which may or may not be resonant
with the coil. Your choice.
     Robert    H

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 > Subject: Air core flybacks, small flybacks and self resonance........
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 > Hey, I was just tinkering around with some of my small flybacks that I
 > salvaged from some plasma globes, these have the core exposed and the core
 > can be removed, they're basically like a TV flyback but the primary is
 > wound for use with 12 volts. I recalling all those one transistor self
 > resonance circuits for flybacks and came to the (perhaps?) conclusion that
 > even with those self resonance circuits or even the timer controlled ones,
 > you might not be getting the maximum rise in voltage from the secondary in
 > that fasion, the self resonance circuits normally only resonant at the
 > resonant frequency of the primary correct? I thought that if you could
 > remove the core from these small plasma flybacks you could find the
 > harmonic of the self resonant frequency of the secondary and run the coil
 > at the frequency, giving the highest possible voltage gain, without having
 > to worry about the core saturating. Much like a solid state version of
 > Tesla's multilayer disruptive discharge coil in some of his patents. Or is
 > it when you tune a ferrite cored flyback to get the max spark you're
 > already doing this? Perhaps I'm completely wrong, and just too tired. :)
 > Adam