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Re: Air core flybacks, small flybacks and self resonance........

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance-at-jvlnet-dot-com> 

You can excite it with a sig gen and view the results on a scope with a 1
meg series resistor on the flys output.  Keep the sig gen level low as you
search for resonance, especially if it's one of the good 20 V p-p styles.
At low power you won't saturate the core.

With the core, the usual freq is in the 25-28KHZ range.

If you intend to use MOSFET switchers on 120 VAC to drive the fly, then use
approx 70-80 turns of # 24-26 AWG.

Dr. Resonance

 > Hey, I was just tinkering around with some of my small flybacks that I
 > salvaged from some plasma globes, these have the core exposed and the core
 > can be removed, they're basically like a TV flyback but the primary is
 > wound for use with 12 volts. I recalling all those one transistor self
 > resonance circuits for flybacks and came to the (perhaps?) conclusion that
 > even with those self resonance circuits or even the timer controlled ones,
 > you might not be getting the maximum rise in voltage from the secondary in
 > that fasion, the self resonance circuits normally only resonant at the
 > resonant frequency of the primary correct? I thought that if you could
 > remove the core from these small plasma flybacks you could find the
 > harmonic of the self resonant frequency of the secondary and run the coil
 > at the frequency, giving the highest possible voltage gain, without having
 > to worry about the core saturating.