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Re: Jim Mitchell SSTC help!

Original poster: Fucian-at-aol-dot-com 

In a message dated 6/23/2004 11:38:11 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
tesla-at-pupman-dot-com writes:
 >You cant use half-wave power with this baord dude. It will just turn
 >off.As will ANY design that relies on a feedback antenna to work!

I don't see why you say you can't do that.  The purpose of the 555 on the
board is to start oscillations any time the power at the bridge goes too
low to give feedback via the antenna.  Ones it starts recieving enough
feedback, it takes over and runs the coil at/near it's Fres.  Once you use
the 555 as an interruptor, however, you've lost that capability.  Perhaps
you should take a closer look at the board and its operation rather than
telling people that something won't work.

 >And excuse me for not having cash to $!-at-# away on a digital camera!I live
 >in the REAL world away from mommy and daddy.

Woah, no need for personal attacks here . . . though many of us live in the
"real" world, and do have digital cameras, they're a nice convenience.  I'm
not insulting you here, I just think the statement was a little harsh!

Sean Taylor
Urbana, IL

Ok, I went off the handle b/c this guy repeatadly provokes most the people 
he talks to. He was kicked off a forum for his antics already!

How does one go about telling another they are wrong just b/c they dont 
have pictures?Im so mad right now I have decided to go out and buy a nice 
cam just to shut him up.

About the board let me make things LOUD AND CLEAR!
I did not do ANY kind of damage to my board!I I pulled the 555 off and made 
a new board SEPERATE from his to use as an interruptor.

I made some mods to it that I think are pretty useful for others and I 
challenage anyone with it to follow my setop and see for themself.

Where have I given bad advice?Isnt my success good enough leverage?

Well, Im tired of trying to help and having to have people insult my 
intelligence!I dont gain ANYTHING for taking the time to answer peoples 
pleas for help!Im FINE with my amazing success EVEN with a coil that is WAY 
to small for the IGBTs!To date, I now how 12 in arcs with only 45% input 
from my variac!

So if anyone needs help and wants to risk a chance on me, email me 
seperately from this list as I will not disclose any more info.

So good luck Jim, i dont care anymore. Im happy with my coil. Good luck to 
all those that are having trouble.