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Re: Jim Mitchell SSTC help!

Original poster: "Jim Mitchell" <Electrontube-at-sbcglobal-dot-net> 

Replies Within:

 > You cant use half-wave power with this baord dude. It will just turn
 > will ANY design that relies on a feedback antenna to work!

 >>Again this proves that you do not know how the board works.  The 555 timer
is there to inject a start up signal into the comparator which will keep the
coil running.  You obviously haven't looked closely enough at various
schematics for feedback designs.  Most include this extra chip to inject
noise so the coil will start up on it's own.

 > AND, im not making claims based on my opinion. Im making them based on my
 > results. Also, i never once mentioned cutting traces on the board. You
 > that up.I didnt alter the baord in any permanent way!I have plenty to back

 >> To modify the 555 timer set up to make it work as an interupter you would
have to cut the traces between the potentiometer and pin 3 to add the diode.

 > it up with. As soon as i can get pictures, i will show you! And excuse me
 > for not having cash to $!-at-# away on a digital camera!I live in the REAL
 > world away from mommy and daddy.

 >>There are no need for insulting,  uncalled for comments.  You have not
shown anyone proof of any of your tesla coil devices working.  Show me and I
will believe you.  I have proof that all of my coils working,  can you say
that for yourself?

 > Also, i never clamimed that the baord was bad due to the fact it couldnt
 > drive my large loads.

 >> My board can drive a variety of loads.  The size of most transistors
people use have a reasonable input capacitance and will work fine with my
board.  Using 110A IGBTs is ridiculous for what you, and others that would
use this board are doing.

I know that!But it WILL with an interruptor!Thats all
 > I said. Once again you are adding false information.

 >>No.  I never said the board will not work with an interupter.  I use one
of my boards in my ISSTC and it works fine with an external interupter.
Mind you,  only the buffer and the gate drivers are being used,  the rest of
the board is empty.

 > The fact that guy is sending his baord back onyl proves he doesnt know
 > hes doing and shouldnt be doing this at all!

 >>There is no need to insult Richard just because he had some trouble.  We
might say the same about you, many of the things you're saying are incorrect
and you will not listen to reason.

It doesnt prove you know
 > ANYTHING at all!It proves you built it and hes acting logically by sending
 > it BACK to the one he bought it from.

 >>He bought a bare boarad from me,  I did not install anything except for
the single buffer IC.

If he had listened to me, he would be
 > doing fine now.

 >> No he wouldn't have.  He would most likely be having more trouble due to
the bad advice you have given.  Again,  the things you said are incorrect.

 > Anyone who has this baord, just follw my steps in my earlier reply. IT
 > WORK!And why shouldnt it?

 >>Because you do not know how the board functions, and the way you are
suggesting to do things will not work with every set up.

 > Anyone who thinks they need to send their board back for inspection, needs
 > to forget about coiling until you have read up on it. This is a dangerous
 > hobby and anyone that has as much trouble with just this particular board
 > is taking risks that arent worth it.

 >>No.  I trust Richard knows what he is doing and I am not worried about his
safety.  Yours on the other hand worries me because the way you are throwing
terms around and suggesting things can cause serious injury if someone was
to follow your expert advice.

 > Its not hard. I made it work grreat. Theres no need to flame me b/c i
 > figured out how to modify this design to work easier.
 > Matt

 >> I am not flaming you.  You are getting inflamed because I am simply
stating your incorrect claims.