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Re: Jim Mitchell SSTC help!

Original poster: Fucian-at-aol-dot-com 

In a message dated 6/22/2004 4:23:56 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
tesla-at-pupman-dot-com writes:
Again,   you're making claims that are based solely upon your opinion.

If you have a proper set up and a correct load for the driver chips (no 40nF
load from two gigantic IGBTs...)  They will drive it fine without being
interrupted.  Believe me,  I've done this a few times and so have others.

You're confusing the driver running non stop, with filtered DC to the
bridge.  Most people feed their bridge with mains that has been rectified by
a single diode.  This allows the output to have an off time in between each
mains cycle which reduces heating in the bridge and WILL make sword like
sparks. Note, www.hot-streamer-dot-com/electrontube/temp/sword.jpg  That's one
of my SSTCs running half wave rectified AC.

Again,  the interrupter makes the coil extremely loud and you will be
ultimately limited to pulsed operation if you finalize the set up in that

Yes you can mangle the board if you start cutting tracks and then want to go
back and repair them which would ultimately lead to a mangled board.

The reason you're burning up the chips when not interrupting them, is
because A) you're driving a totally out of rating load. B) you don't have a
proper set up.

You can't make claims of the sort without having something to back them up!
All you have said are things based solely upon opinion which doesn't help
anyone trying to build a solid state tesla coil.  Also the fact that Rick is
already sending me his board back for me to repair it makes these statements
more erroneous.

Regards - Jim Mitchell

Uh ok, what ever?

You cant use half-wave power with this baord dude. It will just turn off.As 
will ANY design that relies on a feedback antenna to work!

AND, im not making claims based on my opinion. Im making them based on my 
results. Also, i never once mentioned cutting traces on the board. You made 
that up.I didnt alter the baord in any permanent way!I have plenty to back 
it up with. As soon as i can get pictures, i will show you! And excuse me 
for not having cash to $!-at-# away on a digital camera!I live in the REAL 
world away from mommy and daddy.

Also, i never clamimed that the baord was bad due to the fact it couldnt 
drive my large loads. I know that!But it WILL with an interruptor!Thats all 
I said. Once again you are adding false information.
The fact that guy is sending his baord back onyl proves he doesnt know what 
hes doing and shouldnt be doing this at all!It doesnt prove you know 
ANYTHING at all!It proves you built it and hes acting logically by sending 
it BACK to the one he bought it from. If he had listened to me, he would be 
doing fine now.

Anyone who has this baord, just follw my steps in my earlier reply. IT DOES 
WORK!And why shouldnt it?
Anyone who thinks they need to send their board back for inspection, needs 
to forget about coiling until you have read up on it. This is a dangerous 
hobby and anyone that has as much trouble with just this particular board 
is taking risks that arent worth it.
Its not hard. I made it work grreat. Theres no need to flame me b/c i 
figured out how to modify this design to work easier.