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RE: SSTC theory

Original poster: Marco.Denicolai-at-tellabs-dot-com 

Hello Antonio,

I find very interesting this new (at least to me) starting point to
design a TC. If I get it right, you design a Butterworth bandpass filter
with given center frequency and end up with a setup where L1*C1=L2*C2.

But isn't it true that the voltage vs. frequency diagrams is the usual
one? I mean two peaks, more or less separated depending on the coupling
coefficient (if I recall)?

I am just wondering, isn't it so that if one wants to drive a
traditional TC with an SSTC driver (remove the RSG, use an IGBT/FET
bridge), the correct drive frequency is simply
f=1/(2*PI)*SQRT(1/(L1*C1)), supposing that L1*C1=L2*C2?

Or does the SS drive imply a different design technique?

Best Regards

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 > It was down in the weekend. It's working now. I have added some
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 > and pictures showing the frequency and time responses of the trial
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 > http://www.coe.ufrj.br/~acmq/tesla/sstc.html
 > Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz