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Re: SSTC does 10 foot sparks

Original poster: humanb-at-chaoticuniverse-dot-com 

Actually I hope he keeps it open forum as he has to
date. Steve has gone a long way at documenting his work
in a maner that others can follow. I'll let him (and
others) buy up all those Bricks first, but lets keep
the designs open source ;-) Remember that the IGBT's
are not cheap, and with all the sampling that is going
on, the free sources are going to dry eventually. I
notice someone selling the Fairchild miniblocks on
ebay, samples no doubt ;-(

Competition is a good thing but not when it gets out of
hand... JMHO


David Trimmell

PS. If folks look on ebay for those IGBT bricks, there
still are few still around, and many should work fine
in ISSTC's less than 200KHz.

On Tue, 22 Jun 2004 14:09:43 -0600, "Tesla list" wrote:

 > Original poster: "David Rieben"
 > <drieben-at-midsouth.rr-dot-com>
 > Steve,
 > Anywho, I would certainly appreciate it if you could
 > send me some more
 > detailed info on your coil off list, as I
 > believe that I'd now like to take the ISSTC plunge
 > David Rieben