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Marx Generator article

Original poster: Bob Wroblewski <bwroblewski-at-yahoo-dot-com> 

Hey y'all

   In the current issue (July 2004) of Conformity magazine 'The
engineer's guide to worldwide regulatory compliance' there is a feature
article titled 'Build Your Own Marx Generator' by Mike Harrison of the
UK. It features three projects aptly named Marx1, Marx2 and (you get
the idea).

  If you don't subscribe to this fine magazine, fear not, just use this
handy link
to find yet another link as the article's title to view the PDF or go
directly to the article by the following link.

  Important notice: This topic passes the Terry test for posting on the
list because Tesla coils are mentioned in the first paragraph, indeed
the very first sentence of the article, whew!

Bob Wroblewski
Dracut, MA