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MISSTC Mini ISSTC (pronounced mystic) First Light

Original poster: "Jim Mitchell" <Electrontube-at-sbcglobal-dot-net> 

Hello List,

After joking around with Steve Ward about building small ISSTCs,  the vague 
idea started to become reality.

My MISSTC (pronounced Mystic... I must give Steve credit for this acronym 
;-)) Is a 6X6" secondary wound with 30ga wire with a 9" sphere topload of 
two Salad bowls.  The primary is just a quick thing I threw together with 
some 14 ga wire and a piece of pegboard.

My driver is a single 74HC14 driving two complementary UCC3732X, and a half 
bridge of IGBTs (I just used one of my flyback driver board's half bridge 
sections for this)

First light,  I am getting about 3" and I have 4 too many primary turns (so 
says JavaTC) So I'm expecting maybe a foot or two once tuned.

Some pictures of the Secondary and Driver board can be seen here 

Questions, Suggestions, Comments, Concerns?

Regards - Jim Mitchell