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Re: "Current limited" IGBTs

Original poster: humanb-at-chaoticuniverse-dot-com 

The IGBT's that I have in the mail (CM300DY-24H) does
not have current limiting. But there are some that do
like the 2MBI75N-060:


All of these devices seem to have long rise times and
fall times, though. Steve Ward has apparently found one
that doesn't, or at least a way to get them to work...


David Trimmell

On Fri, 18 Jun 2004 12:52:58 -0600, "Tesla list" wrote:

 > Original poster: "Scott Hanson"
 > Jim Mitchell -
 > You wrote: "Some of these IGBTs have a built in
 > limiter .....".
 > Specifically, which types of IGBTs (part number) have
 > this built-in current
 > limiting feature?
 > Regards,
 > Scott Hanson