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Re: Variacs Wanted

Original poster: "john cooper" <tesla-at-tesla-coil-dot-com> 

Let me get this straight, other than being a piece of crap, this 'variac' 
which is not a variac (trade name infringement) is a 'good' piece of 
equipment?  Listen to what you wrote, you replaced everything but the darn 
windings.  So, you'd rather spend money on Chinese junk than the same 
amount on something American made, although used and 10 or 20 years old, 
but would last for 50 years + with minimal upkeep?

I refuse to go into a Wallmart or K-Mart for those reasons (never been there)

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From: "Tesla list" <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
Date:  Mon, 14 Jun 2004 19:17:47 -0600

 >Original poster: "Jim Mitchell" <Electrontube-at-sbcglobal-dot-net>
 >I have one of those 20A Chinese made variacs,  the  quality of the
 >transformer is good,  but the switch, and the meter and the outlet are a bit
 >shady,  I had to replace the meter in mine, as it got stuck all the way at
 >150v.  The switch is also not very high quality.... Other then that they're
 >Regards - Jim Mitchell
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 >Subject: Variacs Wanted
 > > Original poster: "S&JY" <youngsters-at-konnections-dot-net>
 > >
 > > Does anyone have one or two 120V 60 Hz 20A variacs they want to sell?
 > >
 > > Does anyone have any experience with the recently made available new 120V
 > > 20A Chinese variacs that are for sale on Ebay and other places?  They sell
 > > for $100 - $110 which is not a bad price if they are any good.
 > >
 > > Thanks,
 > > --Steve Young
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