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RE: Any problems with black UHMW

Original poster: "Lau, Gary" <gary.lau-at-hp-dot-com> 

Specifying only "15kVA" is meaningless.  The parameter in question is
breakdown voltage per inch.  At what voltage and surface/internal
separation was it used?

Gary Lau

 >>Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance-at-jvlnet-dot-com>
 >>I've used both UHMW poly and black Delrin.  They both seem to work
even at
 >>power levels of 15 kVA.
 >>Dr. Resonance

  > I probably should have brought this up sooner, but have any of you
had any
  > breakdown problems with black UHMW polyethelene?  If not, I guess
  > it out the expensive way.  I have virgin grade black UHMW on order.
I had
  > a cheaper choice of reconstituted grade, (recycled?) but went with
  > as the reconstituted may contain more flaws or contamination.
  > David E Weiss