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Re: Needed: SSTC History and Achievements

Original poster: "Malcolm Watts" <m.j.watts-at-massey.ac.nz> 

Hi Dan,
         For the record, I conducted a series of expts back in the
90's using a set of paralleled MOSFETs as a spark gap substitute to
investigate quenching issues. I was trying to put some of the Corum's
curious ideas on quenching to bed. The supply was 30VDC, I forget
exactly what the primary cap was. At the end of the expts, I had the
coil producing 1/2" sparks. Hardly massive by today's standards but
it was a precursor of one of the topologies mentioned. The expts are
documented in the list archives. It would have been around '96. I
sent pictures taken off the scope to several people.

      I also built a small coil which used a small SMPS as a cap
charger (conventional static gap). I sent this to someone in the
States who subsequently came over here a year later and married me
shortly after Greg delivered Electrum to its NZ home (there is hope
for lone coilers yet :). I don't recall whether I mentioned this on
the list or not.

A rather meagre contribution to SS coiling I admit.


On 8 Jun 2004, at 20:32, Tesla list wrote:

 > Original poster: "Eastern Voltage Research Corporation"
 > <dhmccauley-at-easternvoltageresearch-dot-com>
 > Hello all,
 > I'm trying to compile a historical list of SSTC achievements and its
 > evolution.  In particular I'm looking to find out major
 > accomplishments and firsts in the field with names and dates (year).
 > I'm looking to use this information for a presentation I'm giving and
 > also to document it officially on my website.
 > So far, I've come up with a basic historical framework which I've
 > gathered from some information from Richie Burnett and a few others.
 > Please respond with all your comments, corrections, additions, etc...
 > so that I can add them etc... Also, i made up the different generation
 > names just in a feeble attempt to organize different accomplishments.
 > Also, if you think the categories are bogus, let me know also.
 > First Generation SSTCs
 > ******************
 > First SSTCs were made using TV flyback transformers (dates anyone?)
 > Second Generation SSTCs
 > *********************
 > Duane Bylund's Magnifier driver using bipolar devices (dates?)
 > Alan Sharp's work using MOSFETs and ferrites to base-feed secondary
 > resonators (dates?)
 > Third Generation SSTCs (full-bridge topologies)
 > *************************************
 > Mark Barton first to use full-bridge topology and primary driven SSTC
 > (early 1990's?) Rob Lytle first to pulse SSTC using half-bridge
 > topology claiming to get spark gap coil like arcs (early 1990's?)
 > Richie Burnett - contributions in how full-bridge inverter actually
 > works when driving resonant loads (dates?) Richie Burnett - first to
 > audio modulate solid state tesla coil (2001) Daniel McCauley - first
 > 3MHz SSTC tesla coil - full bridge topology (2003) Richie Burnett -
 > 4MHz RF Class-E? tesla coil (2004)
 > Fourth Generation SSTCs (self-resonant topologies)
 > ****************************************
 > Jan Wagner (first self resonant design???)
 > Justin Hayes (first self-resonant antenna design) (2002?)
 > Steve Ward - first Marx-type inverter based SSTC
 > Jimmy Hynes - first DRSSTC
 > Steve Ward - first ISSTC
 > OLTC work ? ? ? (i have no clue about names in this category - please
 > fill in with appropriate dates) and what category it should go in.
 > Please comment on anything thats incorrect, missing, or whatever.
 > Thanks much!
 > Dan