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Re: Needed: SSTC History and Achievements

Original poster: "Eastern Voltage Research Corporation" <dhmccauley-at-easternvoltageresearch-dot-com> 

 > Dan,
 > Not to rain on your parade, but as I recall, your claim to the first 3MHz
 > H-Bridge was documented by a schematic of the gate driver circuit only.
 > With the exellence you use to put into documenting your work*, it should
 > not be a problem to produce a couple of pictures to back the claim.
 > I think that it takes more than a schematic to get a place on the list you
 > are compiling.

I agree and your point is well taken.

The reason not much information was not given on this project was because at
the time, there was a commercial interest involved and this
circuit was being produced as part of a commercial effort to produce an
affordable solid state tweeter system for the audio market.  However, at
this time (as i mentioned on the 4hv group), i have decided not to pursue
this venture much further.  Therefore, I will be posting all the stuff on my
website this weekend as time allows.

This is the same reason I am not discussing or posting any information or
news regarding my Advanced SSTC controller as it is currently titled as I
also have commercial interests involved with this (not so much as an SSTC)
This system is already working quite well (although not without problems)
and I am currently in talks with selling a number of units to a local
university's plasma physics department.  (This unit can drive a SSTC with
arbitrary waveforms (RF envelopes, burst modes, pulse modes, sine wave,
triangle wave, or whatever)

Here is an outdated photo of this ASSTC unit from last winter.