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Re: ISSTC questions

Original poster: "Eastern Voltage Research Corporation" <dhmccauley-at-easternvoltageresearch-dot-com> 

I agree.  I think the ISSTC may benefit from increased primary voltage (up
to 480VAC mains input) and using a standard pancake
type primary coil.  I am presently in the process of trying this out.

Also, the comment by Steve regarding using heavier wire for your primary may
help, but i don't think its "too" critical.
I have so far gotten 80" maximum arc and I still have my temporary 12 AWG
stranded wire in my primary tank circuit connecting EVERYTHING!
Eventually, i will upgrade to 4 AWG welding wire (which may increase
performance), but it must be said, that small primary wire won't
limit performance too much.


 > Increasing the coupling also helps in theory, but I think it's a dead end,
 > as it encourages flashovers. In the long run you may need to LOOSEN the
 > coupling, to get the primary out the way and stop it getting incinerated.
 > More voltage helps too- going to 240V should double your spark length. And
 > using heavier wire for your primary will be a must, and a bank of
 > electrolytic caps on your H-bridge DC supply. You'll probably need to
 > shorten the on-time too as you get beyond the IGBT ratings :))))
 > Steve C.