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TC parts for sale

Original poster: "Crow Leader" <tesla-at-lists.symmetric-dot-net> 

I have for sale several items:

- 250 volt 10A Nemic Lambda line filter, in an unusually shiny case, with
screw terminals. $6.00 USPS included in USA.

- 400 Amp to 50mV current shunt, should be good for AC or DC, made by "empro
shunts". Includes screw terminals for instument leads, and bolts for load
terminals. $10.00 USPS included in USA.

-  surprising clean and nice looking microwave oven transformer, from "1100
watt" Panasonic microwave. at 120V input, output no load measures at 2200
volts. All leads and terminals are in good condition, no dents on coils.
$16.00 USPS included in USA.