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Original poster: "Christoph Bohr" <cb-at-luebke-lands.de> 

Hello All.

I know this has bee widely discussed in the past, but the topic currently
got more interesting to me. But while searching the archives and the web I
found that opinions still differ a bit about that topic.
I want to make a replacement MMC during the next weeks to be run on a 12KV
RMS xformer. But I am still not sure how many caps per string I want to go

The units are the commonly known 100nF, 1600VDC/650VAC. RMS current should
be withing range in my setup, but I just are not sure if I should go for 10,
11 or 12 caps for occasional runs of  some minutes.

Maybe there are any practical experiences with these caps, most information
I found was on the CD caps which would cost me 20% more than the WIMA's ( ca
1,80EU/pcs ).

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards.

Christoph Bohr