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Re: RE: Large Tesla Twins For Sale 5 Foot Sparks!

Original poster: DRIEBEN-at-midsouth.rr-dot-com 


Well, since you came on out and admitted to doing this little stunt,
I'll go ahead and make my confession ;^) I also, did the very same
thing that you did around 9 or 10 years ago! I too didn't even realize
that the cellulose based insulation in the attic had caught fire until
I began smelling smoke and finally figured out what had happened. For-
tunately, the insulation only slowly smoldered, hence the smoke. I ended
up grabbing a pot full of water and climbing into the attic and extin-
guishing the smoldering fire. The water left a stain on the sheetrock
ceiling. And what's so bad is that I'm a professional firefighter who
had several years of firefighting experinece at the time. Needless to
say, I never got around to mentioning my little "stunt" to any of my
fellow co-workers.

Another time, I was operating my big pole pig coil inside of my shop
and one of the arcs struck the shelving on the wall and I heard a
little "pop" thru my "mouse ears" hearing protection. Upon examining
the pop, I found that the pop was a 1 gallon pastic bottle of wind-
shield washer fluid that the spark had penetrated and ignited. The
fluid was still burning and the flame was hard to see as alcohols
burn with dim flames. Fortunately, it was easy for me to extinguish
as it hadn't ignited any of the surrounding combustible building mate-

So, just as Gary said, larger Tesla coils can be a fire hazard. Most of
us think of them from mostly an electrical hazard (and inhalation ha-
zard because of O3) point of view but I think many may tend to over-
look the fire hazard when operating a larger coil in a confined space
with combustible materials in close proximity.

David Rieben

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Date: Tuesday, June 1, 2004 12:36 pm
Subject: RE: Large Tesla Twins For Sale 5 Foot Sparks!

 > Original poster: "Gary Weaver" <gary350-at-earthlink-dot-net>
 > Are you opering your coil inside of a barn full of hay?  Be
 > careful and
 > don't catch the place on fire.  I have started fires with my coil.
 > An arc
 > to my sheet rock ceiling started a small fire in the attic that
 > went out on
 > its own.  It made a lot of smoke and a bad smell thats how I
 > discovered it.
 > I fired an arc through a pirce of cardboard and set it on fire.
 > Gary Weaver
 > gary350-at-earthlink-dot-net
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 > > From: Tesla list <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
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 > > Date: 5/31/2004 8:28:48 PM
 > > Subject: Large Tesla Twins For Sale 5 Foot Sparks!
 > >
 > > Original poster: "Jim Mitchell" <Electrontube-at-sbcglobal-dot-net>
 > >
 > > Hello List,
 > >
 > > About a month ago,  I traded one of my solid state tesla coils,
 > for a set
 > > of large spark gap style twins from Jeff Messer of
 > > <http://www.teslacoil-dot-net>www.teslacoil-dot-net.  Gradually, my
 > barn started
 > to
 > > get smaller and smaller as it filled up with my various toys.
 > So I'm
 > > forced to sell these beautiful coils.
 > >
 > > The system is a 900W 15,000v 60mA NST powered twin coil.
 > > This coil will do sparks up to 5' in length from tower to
 > tower.  Each
 > coil
 > > has a thick metal sphere as the topload, none of that thin
 > dryer ducting.
 > >
 > > The spark gap is a multi segment TerryGap quenched with a fan.
 > The tank
 > > cap is a MMC constructed with CDE film capacitors for reliability.
 > >
 > > The base is beautiful stained wood, and the coil includes a remote
 > control
 > > so you can stand back safely and control the coils.
 > > Normally when Jeff sells these coils on eBay,  he sells them
 > for 1200$ a
 > > set.  I am willing to let these go WAY below that price,  if
 > anyone is
 > > interested,  please E-mail me,
 > > <electrontube-at-sbcglobal-dot-net>electrontube-at-sbcglobal-dot-net
 > >
 > > Here are some pictures of this particular coil:
 > >
 > <http://www.hot-streamer-dot-com/electrontube/temp/tc1.jpg>www.hot-
 > streamer-dot-com/electrontube/temp/tc1.jpg
 > > www.hot-streamer-dot-com/electrontube/temp/tc2.jpg
 > >
 > <http://www.hot-streamer-dot-com/electrontube/temp/tc3.jpg>www.hot-
 > streamer-dot-com/electrontube/temp/tc3.jpg
 > > www.hot-streamer-dot-com/electrontube/temp/tc4.jpg
 > >
 > <http://www.hot-streamer-dot-com/electrontube/temp/tc5.jpg>www.hot-
 > streamer-dot-com/electrontube/temp/tc5.jpg
 > > www.hot-streamer-dot-com/electrontube/temp/tc6.jpg
 > >
 > >
 > > This is the same coil shown at the bottom of the page
 > >
<http://www.teslacoil-dot-net/Custom.htm>http://www.teslacoil-dot-net/Custom.htm > 
These are "The Towers of Power"
 > > Jeff has hundreds of satisfied customers, and here is your
 > chance to get
 > > one of his coils way below the price he sells them.
 > >
 > > Regards - Jim Mitchell
 > >