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Re: A new SRSG and Learning to Make Toroids

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This first damage from errant RF has been a costly education.
I have been resisting the chopping of another hole thru the basement wall for 
an RF ground.
The larger toroid has added considerable uumph (not an acronym)
to the sparks. I either put in the RF ground or go minimalist in my coil 
Thanks for the idea. Did the dishwasher complete its cycle?  :-))


> Ralph,
>  I had a similar problem with running my coil in the basement.  The arcs 
> would
>  strike the overhead cold water pipes and start the dishwasher.  
> I
>  did not destroy anything.  I finally installed some bare copper wire along 
> the
>  ceiling just under the water pipe and tied it to the main RF ground.  No 
> more
>  problems.
>  Ed Sonderman