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Re: A new SRSG and Learning to Make Toroids

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> Pics 13-14 show two views of my 4.5 x 24 inch coil. This secondary is 1/2 of 
> my 48-inch
> bipolar. The secondary is 24 inches of # 28. Power input is 15kv -at- 150 mA for
> 2250
> watts. The new toroid throws white hot sparks up to the overhead conduit only
> 33 inches away, but it will also throw a 3-4 footer horizontally from a 
> breakout point.  These longer  
> sparks then turn upward for the remaining 33 inches to the overhead conduit. 
> :-((
> These are the kind of sparks that have already wiped out the ignition module 
> from my furnace. They also blew the mind of the upstairs programmable 
> thermostat. Not good.
> http://hot-streamer-dot-com/temp/RalphsCoil/TC%201.jpg
> http://hot-streamer-dot-com/temp/RalphsCoil/TC%202.jpg
> Pic 15 is something completely different.
> http://hot-streamer-dot-com/temp/RalphsCoil/Something%20completely%20different
> .jpg
> Happy day,
> Ralph Zekelman


I had a similar problem with running my coil in the basement.  The arcs would
strike the overhead cold water pipes and start the dishwasher.  Fortunately, I
did not destroy anything.  I finally installed some bare copper wire along the
ceiling just under the water pipe and tied it to the main RF ground.  No more

Ed Sonderman