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Re: Digital Image

Original poster: "Gregory Hunter by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <ghunter31014-at-yahoo-dot-com>

Thanks Jon,

I'm kind of a gadget freak anyway, and this palm-sized
little jewel really pushes all my buttons. I love it
almost as much (gasp!) as my MOT coil! Figuring out
how to capture sparks with it is practically a second
hobby lately. The digicam seems to have a much smaller
margin for error as compared to a film camera. With
the Yashica 35mm, I could choose any film from ISO
100-400, use a dab of supplemental illumination--or
not, set the apeture anywhere in the middle ranges,
set the shutter to "B", mash the cable release for 1
second (or 5, or 10, didn't really matter), and end up
with a mess of sharp-looking spark pictures! Not so
with the digital. Lighting is especially critical with
the digicam, and the useful window between total
whiteout and total blackness is hardly more than a
slit! On the other hand, practice is cheap, since
there is no film and no processing to fool with. I can
shoot as many pictures as I want until I get a pretty

If you are coiler and you are shopping for a digicam,
do your homework. You need one with an option for
MANUAL CONTROL over exposure settings. A
full-auto-only point & shoot digicam will do a decent
job in 99% of common photography situations. Guess
what--writhing electrical streamers in a darkened
garage is part of that 1% that isn't covered, and it
certainly ain't common!



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> Hi greg, 
>        Great picture, I just love how the flourecent
> lights are glowing....
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