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Re: New Toroid

Original poster: "rheidlebaugh by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <rheidlebaugh-at-zialink-dot-com>

Shaun: You can get excess toroid for a given coil. I suspect your problem is
more likely tuning. The larger toroid drops your ferquency so you nead more
primary coil turns to match the frequency drop. You may also try tuning the
primary to the second harmonic (about 3 T) and see if this improves your
responce. These are just suggestions as what I would try. May work. May not.
  Robert  H

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> Subject: New Toroid
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> Hi.
> I've just completed construction of a new toroid for my coil and am having
> some problems.  Maybe someone can shed a bit of light.
> Input: 9KV 60mA
> Secondary: 23" * 4.5"
> Toroid: 4.5" flexible aluminum duct.  19" outside diameter, wrapped in
> aluminum foil.
> Cap: 12beer bottle  + 1 wine bottle SWC
> Primary: 1/4" copper tube, 1/2" spacing, tapped turn ~12.
> Previously I used two 12" salad bowls as the toroid and achieved 12" sparks.
> When I replace that toroid with the new one, I achieve no sparks.  If I use
> a breakpoint on the new toroid, I seem to get 4" sparks from that
> breakpoint.  I assume that there is simply not enough voltage present to
> break sparks from this new toroid and that is my problem.  However, I have
> read numerous posts specifying that 'you can never have too much topload.'
> I thought I would be advancing my coil by adding this new toroid and might
> see better sparks, but I see this is not the case.  I'm wondering if I
> should try and increase the input voltage or current to get the sparks I
> desire, and if I do so, can I expect better sparks from the new toroid
> compared to the salad bowls?  In other words, after increasing the input,
> might I expect bigger sparks using the new toroid or the old?  Any other
> suggestions?
> Thanks for any advice.
> Shaun.