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Re: Regulating Coil

Original poster: "rob by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <rob-at-pythonemproject-dot-com>

Tesla list wrote:
> Original poster: "Mike Hollingsworth by way of Terry Fritz
<twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <megavolts61-at-yahoo-dot-com>
> Hi Dave,
>    I use a tuning(regulating, if you prefer) coil for
> my largest TC.  It was actually more out of necessity
> because my primary was about a half turn short of
> being tunable.  My tuning coil is about the equivalent
> inductance as the outer-most turn on my primary. The
> benefits of using one are that you can get very
> precise tuning easily and you eliminate the need for
> any special routing of the leads.  There is likely a
> bit of waste as far as the magnetic field that is not
> coupled to the secondary although that might be
> insignificant compared to spark gap losses.
> Mike.
> > The regulating coil is
> > considered to be part of the primary.  Has anybody
> > on this list used a
> > regulating coil and have posted results for its use?
> >
> > Dave

Sounds like a really good use for a roller inductor.   Not the cheap
kind, but the thick edge wound tape conductor type, with all ceramic
hardware.  I picked up a beautiful one at a hamfest for $50.    Rob.

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