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Re: Regulating Coil

Original poster: "Jan Ohlsson by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <jan.ohlsson-at-mbox319.swipnet.se>

A regulating coil in series with the primary should not introduce any
serious losses, if I understand the situation correctly. A coil with a
surrounding magnetic field, that is not coupled to anything that absorbes
the energy, just acts as a ballast, and the only losses are resistive due
to the inevitable small resistance of the extra coil. 

The coupling will be lower than if the extra turns was on the primary, but
you can compensate for that by lowering the secondary to restore the coupling. 

please correct me if I am wrong,

>    I use a tuning(regulating, if you prefer) coil for
> my largest TC.  

<There is likely a
> bit of waste as far as the magnetic field that is not
> coupled to the secondary although that might be
> insignificant compared to spark gap losses.