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RE: Variable Capacitance and Inductance

Original poster: "David Thomson by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <dave-at-volantis-dot-org>

Hi Paul,

There is no doubt you are a very smart man.  Your opinions also carry a lot
of clout.  And true to my attitude toward Nikola Tesla as a great scientist
and discoverer who is entitled to respect, I offer you the same treatment.

No matter how much you know about measurement techniques and physics, you
still only know what you can directly experience.  You may not trust my
measurement skills because you are an expert in the field.  But I am
absolutely certain that the flat spiral / solenoid combination coil is more
susceptible to inductance measurement variations than just a flat spiral
coil or just a flat secondary coil.  If you choose not to test this for
yourself and still choose not to believe me, this has nothing to do with
your expertise in solitary coil forms.  It is merely a personal opinion.

I have offered to make my coil available to anybody who would like to verify
these effects themselves.  I have given precise instructions on how to
configure the combination coil I have.  If you are not interested in
checking this out, then this is out of your area of expertise and you have
no scientific clout for judging it.

>It is not the inductance of David's coil that is varying, it is his
measurement of the inductance that varies.  The gross variation mentioned is
undoubtably due to carelessness in not excluding line frequency induction.

Your ability to follow a thread is also very limited.  I claimed from the
beginning that my coil was measuring line frequency induction.  This is not
carelessness.  It _is_ the observation.  I clearly stated that I discovered
the source of my varying inductance measurement by turning off the power in
my house.  It is a waste of your good reputation to incorrectly label me as
careless when I was, in fact, being careful and explaining the true nature
of the measurement variation.

The purpose of sharing this information, for your edification, was to
present to the list the super sensitive nature of a combination flat spiral
/ solenoid secondary coil.  How could you miss such a simple presentation?

>You can't pretend to do 'research' on a subject upon you know little or
nothing about without making a fool of yourself.

It's kind of like criticizing people for something they didn't do.

>Sorry, I'm not going to bother to go over all the trivial errors in David's
posts -

Judging from your careless criticism so far, I doubt that you have been
following this thread at all.  You are just making a scene.

>The crass and ludicrously arrogant suggestion that the laws of inductance
are wrong, based on a few faulty measurements, is only matched in sheer
lunacy by the enthusiasm with which other list members encourage this bull
and try to elevate it to the status of a 'theory'.

Excuse me, but could you please explain who was saying the laws of
inductance were wrong?  I don't believe the laws of inductance are wrong.  I
don't believe anybody else made that statement either.  The discussion is
about measured variations in inductance in coils; a phenomenon that has been
reported by many on this list over the years.