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Re: SRSG timing & other Q's

Original poster: "Barton B. Anderson by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <tesla123-at-pacbell-dot-net>

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the specs (more below);

Tesla list wrote:

> Steve here,  I figured that i should try to clear things up a bit a give the
> specs and whatnot about this coil.  I should note that this is really my
> friends project, that im helping out greatly with, and learning a bit(and
> yes i have built many coils previous to this).  And another thing of
> importance is that when we did try my coil, we tried it with MY TC, not his
> that im going to list below.  I did not mind using my transformer, since im
> getting a new one, but for now on, ALL testing will be with the set up that
> follows.  Hope that wasnt a problem for anyone.  Here Goes:

No problems at all.

> PSU: 2x 12kV 60 mA NST's in parallel
> Cap: now is .031uf, and will soon be.047uf.  Go with the .031 value for
> right now(more caps in the mail).
> Peimary: ~11" inner diameter, ~16 turns, 26" outer diameter, .25" copper
> tubing.
> Secondary:  8" diameter, 26" wound with 26awg wire(turns1200??)
> Toroid: for now little toroids that i have laying around(not big enough!)
> SRSG specs:Modified 3450rpm .5 HP motor.  Now runs at 3600rpm.  Disk is ~6"
> diameter with 2 electrodes(.25" diameter).

Your cap voltage should be 17kVp, so you need your safety gap set above
this. Using two 3/8" rods,
you'll need to set the gap at .5" to achieve an arc voltage of 18.3kV
(which is slightly above the
cap voltage). Next, make sure you run the srsg rotating to stationary
electrodes close to allow the
timing to do the work. Something around 0.1" to 0.15" should be ok.

BTW, if your tapped at 16 turns, you may want to try around 12 turns as
long as nothing esle changes
(16 turns puts you about 30% out of tune).

> Previously, we fired the coil with
> my small static gap, and my way to small toroids(more like a corona ring on
> this coil, lol) and got a good 3 foot arc to the primary coil(oh $#!t,
> oops!!) with no negative side effects(strike rail is a must).

Well, many amy agree you. Once you get it fine tuned (to the spark) and
everything is working well
including spark control, you probabably won't need it. Of course, many get
to a certain point and
say "good enough", and at some power levels, "good enough" may benefit from
a strike ring.

> We were quite
> suprised with the output, with the setup we had.  We are hoping for 5 foot
> arcs to the earth! (wishfull thinking, i hope not!).

You might make it if everything falls into place right, but don't feel bad
if you average at about 4
to 4.5 feet.

Take care,