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Re: SRSG timing & other Q's

Original poster: "Steven Ward by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <srward16-at-hotmail-dot-com>

>Maybe you can post your
>setup again with transformer voltages? It shouldn't be too hard to analyze
>and get you in the
>ballpark. Also, curious as to what you used prior to the SRSG and how you
>had that setup (also, were
>there any other changes to the coil along side the SRSG?).
>Take care,

Hello All,
Steve here,  I figured that i should try to clear things up a bit a give the 
specs and whatnot about this coil.  I should note that this is really my 
friends project, that im helping out greatly with, and learning a bit(and 
yes i have built many coils previous to this).  And another thing of 
importance is that when we did try my coil, we tried it with MY TC, not his 
that im going to list below.  I did not mind using my transformer, since im 
getting a new one, but for now on, ALL testing will be with the set up that 
follows.  Hope that wasnt a problem for anyone.  Here Goes:

PSU: 2x 12kV 60 mA NST's in parallel
Cap: now is .031uf, and will soon be.047uf.  Go with the .031 value for 
right now(more caps in the mail).
Peimary: ~11" inner diameter, ~16 turns, 26" outer diameter, .25" copper 
Secondary:  8" diameter, 26" wound with 26awg wire(turns1200??)
Toroid: for now little toroids that i have laying around(not big enough!)

SRSG specs:Modified 3450rpm .5 HP motor.  Now runs at 3600rpm.  Disk is ~6" 
diameter with 2 electrodes(.25" diameter).

Well weve been working for several days after school(were only Jrs. in high 
school) and have built a cradle mount, got the disk set up better, and got a 
much better (closer) electrode spacing.  So far we have safety gaps on the 
SRSG(~.25") and on the transformer(.20" on each leg to ground).  Friday, is 
our planned day to fire this beast up.  Previously, we fired the coil with 
my small static gap, and my way to small toroids(more like a corona ring on 
this coil, lol) and got a good 3 foot arc to the primary coil(oh $#!t,  
oops!!) with no negative side effects(strike rail is a must).  We were quite 
suprised with the output, with the setup we had.  We are hoping for 5 foot 
arcs to the earth! (wishfull thinking, i hope not!).  I will definitely 
report any news with this coil.  As for now I have a small twin TC powerd by 
a 9/50 modified NST.  I can get a max arc of 23".  No RF GND NEEDED!!!  I 
love it!  I did a demo for my physics class a few days ago and they loved 
it.  But thats another story.  Im still open for suggestions and any help 
that anyone can offer(BTW thanks a bunch for the replies so far).

Steve Ward