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Re: disintegration- iron/ steel cores

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<< What is 'acoustice wave resonance'?
    How is it used to manipulate charged particles?
    In general the lifetime of charged particles, outside
    a vacuum is measured in fractions (small) of a second. >>

Acoustic wave resonance referrs to the use of acoustics, transducers, to 
create a sound wave. These waves exert force and act similar to a solid 
object. Recently experiments have been done to move water and other small 
particles with the waves. Produceing resonant waves inside hollow tubes for 
example would keep particles from hitting the sides of the tube. (The water 
particles were transported down tubes)  
However we are beginning to deivate from the subject matter. (Tesla coils.) 

>Tesla built some with iron and steel cores.<

I was not previously aware of this, are there advantages to an iron or steel 
Are the cores seprate or connected, in other words, is there a core for the 
primary and a separate one for the secondary? One of his later coils looked 
like it may have had a steel shaft for the primary and perhaps a non 
conductive upper part. I am going by old photos, so this may not be entirely