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healing currents-ozone production

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <Xyme3-at-aol-dot-com>

> > I always thought there are MANY undiscovered 
> > medical uses for the Tesla resonator!
> > --dale nassar
> I saw the exact same program. Why wouldnt electricity kill virus?

Khrm... a virus is already dead, it's mainly DNA/RNA, you can't kill it.
Well, you could kill the host cells, but then again, that gets close to
killing your patient.

Anyways, like IR lamps, microwave heating, and any other RF heating, very
low power TCs could be nice in the winter. Or, hot coffee.

I've a small solid state TC, about 500W - holding a large screwdriver in
the hand and drawing an arc / RF flame, while carefully not being grounded
yourself, does after a while certainly give a nice warm feeling along the
arm... :) Not that I want to know the count of small blood vessels that
have already popped during this "treatment"... no no...

> I also think ozone is good for the lungs/ it is also been aproved
> for food sterilization.

Hehe! Umm, yeah, for bleaching out the lungs, I'd imagine. 
Ozone is t.ex. used to bleach paper pulp, as a more "environmentally
friendly" alternative to chlorine bleaching.

Like cyanide, ozon binds oxygen (~ 2*O3 + O2 => 4*O2, although I haven't
done chemistry for a long while :). If you wanted, you could stand beside
a big in-continuous-use photo copier for a few hours and check how your
health improves... ;o) my guess is you'll feel very tired and dizzy, and

A TC is no good at producing ozone, the TC "output" contains too much
"contaminations", NOx, although, you can get pretty high on these NOx
mixtures too! :-P

good luck,

 - Jan

    Virus are killed by temperatures in the 160+ degree range, and by 
electrical charge.
I do think they are alive as they seek out cells to inject there own dna 

Most bleaches are oxygenators. In bleaches such as chlorine, and perborate 
other toxic ingrediants are present. It is my understanding that peroxide 
itself is not toxic, however the stabilizers added to it are. (I may be wrong 
about this so dont try to drink it at home.) Ozone, O3, is electically 
charged oxygen. When it gives up an O atom to decomposition, it also releases 
a tiny charge. I know many different people who have ozonators in there 
house. One person is a smoker, and you absolutely cannot smell smoke when the 
ozonator is running. Ozone is produced near the ocean, and insurance 
companies add 10 years to the adverage life span if you live near the ocean, 
is it because the ocean is relaxing, the presence of ozone, or both? Sharper 
image now sells an ozonator that electronically filters the air. The 
electrician who owns one that i know is very impressed with how much dust and 
dirt they trap. He has both kinds of ozonators, the other type puts out more 
ozone. I suspect that bacterial infections of the lungs would be retarded in 
an ozone rich environment. The primary danger is in useing up all the air in 
the room and causeing suffocation.
    Tesla produced an ozonator called a ST. Elmo fire device. This should be 
a fairly simple coil to construct and is diagramed in a book i have. It is 
somewhat similar to a Tesla coil, but produces an electric flame, or brush.