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Re: oil dielectric

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <Xyme3-at-aol-dot-com>

> I can understand the very real events that can occur with oil.
> If the dielectric of oil breaks down as you indicate, the 
> results would be catastrophic. When the dielectric of water
> breaks down, particles of water are thrown off with such force
> they can penetrate metal sheeting.

    I'd be interested in a documented case.
    Decomposition of water leaves gaseous products, which
    will drift away, the remaining water is
Distilled water does not decompose when hit with a jolt from a capacitor. 
(A 50,000 volt oil capicitor i think was used.) The outer electron shell 
expands, it is somewhat equivalent to a room full of base balls, suddenly 
turning into a room full of basket balls, in a fraction of a second. Contact 
Richard Hull for documentation.

> Magnetic repulsion which is used to lift trains,

    magnetic forces operate all 'electric' motors.
    Other than CRTs, and smoke eaters, 'electric forces'
    are essentially unused.  Mag-Lev exists only in an
    experimental installation or two.  Most trains run
    on steel springs (or oil/air).

True, however mag lev does exist, and is used to levitate trains. 

> cannot compare to electric repulsion.

The above is a quote from Nikola Tesla. 

    It compares quite exactly.  It is much more widely used.

Well not exactly, magnetic repulsion is used to run electric motors, 
electric repulsion can be used to deform quarters beyond there plastic
limits causeing them to shrink to the size of a nickle. No amount of magnetic
force can do that.

>>>I am sure a thermocouple could be added to cut off the power if
>>>the oil  starts to heat.

>>    Heating by submerged arc, or arc to spilt oil is way
>>    faster than a thermocouple.

> Agreed, the arc would be near light speeds.

    Arcs propagate a LOT slower than light.  (I'd have
    to dig for an exact number).  Fast, slower than light.

I right off hand cant think of anything faster than light. However 
electricity moves near the speed of light. My point was that arcs are faster 
than thermocouples, so in fact i agree with you.

> I saw a most interesting program about a woman who 
> was struck by lighting and completely healed of the viral
> disease she had. I  think it was MS, and the doctors 
> said she would never walk again. She was running water 
> for her bath when her metal leg brace came in contact with the 
> iron tub. She was by eye witness accounts, blown across the 
> room from the lightning bolt and found several feet from her wheel
> chair. 

    ... and there are a huge number of lightning survivors
    with well documented, long term BAD effects, notably
    neurological damage and symptoms..

Some people are of course toast after a lightning strike. 
I would think that if a person were cured by lightning, it 
should be a case that is throughly investigated until it is 
understood why they were cured and not fried.