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Video Demo of a Audio Modulated VTTC

Original poster: "David Trimmell by way of Terry Fritz <terry-at-hot-streamer-dot-com> by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <davidt-at-cyber-dyne-dot-com>

Hi Terry, Hope the Tesla list has been as lively as always. I have a
video of my Audio Modulated VTTC on my website now, and was wondering if
you could share this with the List:


This is one of my usual "lashups" ;-) , using two 833's, 16 uF filter
cap, and 25 KOhm in the grid leak. The 8 Meg file is adequate, but the
30 Meg one is of good quality (wont vouch for my skill with the camera,
though!). More to follow...

Kind Regards,

David Trimmell