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Re: oil dielectric-now healing currents

Original poster: "Jan Wagner by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-qwest-dot-net>" <jwagner-at-cc.hut.fi>

> > VERY STRANGE--I was thinking about that TODAY and its possible application 
> > to Tesla coils.  I am referring to that "healing" lightning strike--some 
> > time afterward, the woman was running and jumping--I saw it it on Unsolved 
> > Mysteries several years ago.

Well, think about how many people _aren't_ running and jumping after being
hit by lightning... :o(

> > I always thought there are MANY undiscovered 
> > medical uses for the Tesla resonator!
> > --dale nassar
> I saw the exact same program. Why wouldnt electricity kill virus?

Khrm... a virus is already dead, it's mainly DNA/RNA, you can't kill it.
Well, you could kill the host cells, but then again, that gets close to
killing your patient.

Anyways, like IR lamps, microwave heating, and any other RF heating, very
low power TCs could be nice in the winter. Or, hot coffee.

I've a small solid state TC, about 500W - holding a large screwdriver in
the hand and drawing an arc / RF flame, while carefully not being grounded
yourself, does after a while certainly give a nice warm feeling along the
arm... :) Not that I want to know the count of small blood vessels that
have already popped during this "treatment"... no no...

> I also think ozone is good for the lungs/ it is also been aproved
> for food sterilization.

Hehe! Umm, yeah, for bleaching out the lungs, I'd imagine. 
Ozone is t.ex. used to bleach paper pulp, as a more "environmentally
friendly" alternative to chlorine bleaching.

Like cyanide, ozon binds oxygen (~ 2*O3 + O2 => 4*O2, although I haven't
done chemistry for a long while :). If you wanted, you could stand beside
a big in-continuous-use photo copier for a few hours and check how your
health improves... ;o) my guess is you'll feel very tired and dizzy, and

A TC is no good at producing ozone, the TC "output" contains too much
"contaminations", NOx, although, you can get pretty high on these NOx
mixtures too! :-P

good luck,

 - Jan

 high voltage at http://www.hut.fi/~jwagner/tesla